General Appearance (Hair colour and length, eye colour):
Contact Details:
(if relevant):

Colours (at least 4 with description- soft, earthy, bright etc):

Shapes (square, oval, curvy, circles, spirals, stars, hexagons, etc):

Spiritual beliefs (meditation, dreams, religion, astrology, love of nature, shamanism,  etc):   

Aims - where you would like to aim toward in life for general happiness and wellbeing :

Icons, symbols or mythological creatures you relate to (fairies, dragons, unicorns, angels,

Natural elements that you resonate the most with ( please choose 1 or more)
EARTH- practical, solid, determined, secure, quiet strength, patience, organised
AIR- mentally active, agile, quick witted, curious, interested, social, communicative
FIRE- spontaneous, active, creative, strong, independent, larger then life
WATER- emotional, inspired, intuitive, dreamy, intense, profound

Landscape elements that you feel connected to or energised by (mountains, trees, flowers,
the sea, deserts, forests, rivers, stars, moon, sun etc):

Animals that you feel connected with or that you would like to draw inspiration from in some
way :

Cultural interests
(countries, cultures etc):

Hobbies, loves :

Partners, family, friends that you would like included in some way :

Any other details that you may feel as relevant :
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